Innovative Park Ideas

There is a new park taking shape – well, pretty much done really – underneath the Eastern Avenue bridge, where it spans the Don River.  I know this area well, and believe me, it was a sketchy area until the City figured out what to do with it.  The townies called in landscape and public space planners Phillips-Farevaag-Smallberg to come up with some ideas.  This is the same team that designed the award winning Sherbourne Park/Common down near the Corus Building on Queens Quay.  The result is that they’ve managed to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. 

The space seems, open, bright and well connected to the streets both at grade and overhead.  Walkways connect Eastern to the park and the park to the streets.   Remember, that this little corner will actually be something of a hub for the Athlete Village for the 2015 PanAmerican Games.  Leaving it alone really wasn’t an option.

Why I like it;

  • As per my mantra, it repurposes land that has been long forgotten and abused
  • It energizes and allows access
  • It’s a gathering place
  • It’s innovative
  • It brings a new use to old infrastructure
  • It allows an eastern view from the switch-back on the connecting ramp to Eastern Av.

Click here for a video of the planning process.

– Article courtesy of Ed Horner with files from Toronto Waterfront


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