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Speaker Series – Funding Parks in the New Financial Reality

IMFG Series on Shared Spaces:

Funding and Managing Libraries and Parks in Tough Times
Sponsored by TD Bank Group
This series of three lectures will explore the importance of shared public spaces such as libraries and parks to the health of our city. In an era of fiscal restraint, shared spaces are often vulnerable to funding cuts. To date, however, there has not been extensive public conversation on the long-term solutions to the funding problems.  Are there new models of public, private, and hybrid funding to meet these challenges?  What are the conditions for success and what are the pitfalls?  Where are innovative models being implemented and are they viable in the GTA?

Help Shape Woodbine Park

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The First WOODBINE PARK COMMUNITY VISION MEETING, 9th Feb. 2012, 7:30pm, at 9 Boardwalk Drive, Multi-Purpose Room.

Share ideas & vision for beautification of Woodbine Park NORTH. Featuring presenters from Park People; Trinity Bellwoods Park; and City of Toronto Waterfront Parks. Continue reading

Local Park Groups Can Always Use Help and Support

St. James Park in the Spring

With the new city regime, budget cuts have come hard and fast.  Two groups – Riverdale Farm and High Park Zoo – have been particularly battered with monetary hardship.  I urge you to support these two groups – even if you don’t live in their neighbourhood.  Your local park may need their help if things keep going as they are.   If you know of other local groups, please let us know! Continue reading

Riverdale Farm Seeks New Operational Model

From This Mornings Torontoist – By Steve Kupferman

The Riverdale Farm Coalition, a citizen group deputized by city council to find a way to keep Riverdale Farm running without City funding, is now seeking input from Toronto residents on ways to pay the historic neighbourhood attraction’s $500,000 in yearly operating costs.

An online survey containing questions on topics ranging from admission fees (the farm is currently free to visit) to corporate sponsorship is available here. The survey closes this Wednesday, February 1. Continue reading

Time For a Seniors Wellness Park?

I know it sounds a little strange, as we’re used to building play areas for children, but with the dramatic growth in the 60+ (Boomer) population, it might be time to start thinking about building a recreation area for elders. Continue reading

The Outdoor Experience

This Weekend in the Star, Mark Cullen wrote an article about trees and their transformative power for citys like Toronto. I couldn’t agree more with what he has to say about our trees.  I don’t know that I agree with an umbrella tree planting organization for Toronto, since independent groups exist with varying ideas and priorities and it’s their independence that gives them the flexibility they need to carry out their specific agendas, but it’s worth a look.  With our urban canopy being attacked from the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), green space paving, pollution, and general stress, Toronto faces the very real possibility of losing tens of thousands of trees over the next few years.  If we are to keep our reputation as a “City Within a Park” we need to take affirmative and aggressive action now to plant new trees and minister to our ageing and ailing urban forest.

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Ward 36 Residents Have Concerns About Proposed Trail-Way « Threads Lifestyle™ and Travel Outfitters

Ward 36 Residents Have Concerns About Proposed Trail-Way « Threads Lifestyle™ and Travel Outfitters.