Speaker Series – Funding Parks in the New Financial Reality

IMFG Series on Shared Spaces:

Funding and Managing Libraries and Parks in Tough Times
Sponsored by TD Bank Group
This series of three lectures will explore the importance of shared public spaces such as libraries and parks to the health of our city. In an era of fiscal restraint, shared spaces are often vulnerable to funding cuts. To date, however, there has not been extensive public conversation on the long-term solutions to the funding problems.  Are there new models of public, private, and hybrid funding to meet these challenges?  What are the conditions for success and what are the pitfalls?  Where are innovative models being implemented and are they viable in the GTA?
Session 1: City Parks and Libraries as Anchor Institutions
The first session will focus on the role that parks and libraries play as contributors to broader urban policy objectives. How do libraries and parks affect and leverage the quality of life, sustainability, and economic growth in the city? In a period of fiscal austerity, what are the appropriate roles for the public sector, the private sector and the scope for partnerships in both the funding and management of these spaces? This session aims to understand the current challenges in funding and governing city spaces, both in Toronto and elsewhere in North America, and also to explore innovative practices in tax and partnership models.
Guest Speakers:
  • Siobhan A. Reardon, President and Director, Free Library of Philadelphia
  • Jamie Torres-Springer, Partner, HR & A Advisors


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