Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association

Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association

Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association.  As development runs amok in the Beach area, many concerned individuals have come tegether to form the Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association to give greater voice to their neighbourhood.

Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association addresses common concerns about development in our area

Many residents and small merchants in the Greater Beach area are alarmed at the rapid rate of new developments that are proceeding without the benefit of an overarching vision or plan. Their common concerns include pressure on ageing infrastructure, the increased risk of damage to property due to flooding, severe traffic congestion and parking problems, threat to ravines, and the domino destruction of character areas.

A growing number of residents are voicing their concerns through their independent resident associations, each one covering a small portion of our area and often focused on a particular issue or project . This was the catalyst that brought together all major Resident Associations and the founding of the Greater Beach Neighbourhoods Association (GBNA) during January, 2012.

Bellfair and Queen

GBNA and existing resident Associations are independent organizations that closely cooperate with one another. GBNA welcomes individuals from all neighbourhoods in the greater Beach area – from Coxwell to the Toronto Hunt Club and Victoria Park, from Lake Ontario to the railway corridor. It is laser focused on land-use planning and development, and leverages the highly specialized expertise of other RA groups for the benefit of the entire community. Examples include the Friends of Glen Davies Ravine lending their unique expertise regarding development on or near ravines and Friends of Queen Street for their knowledge of policy matters related to Queen Street development. Central to our priorities is the formation of select work groups to keep individual members closely engaged in developing the policy and strategy directions for the group.

GBNA workgroups will focus primarily on land-use, planning and development of the area, including parkland, ravines, and community corridors such as Queen Street East and Kingston Road. The association also recognizes the importance of input from social and economic agencies for policies, planning and long-term strategies that promote the mixed socio-economic profile of our neighbourhood. It plans to host public meetings, where citizens can combine their voices and play a valuable role in developing sustainable and vibrant Greater Beach neighbourhoods for generations to come.

The Greater Beach area has a long and proud tradition of community engagement and civic responsibility. For example, thanks to the foresight and tireless efforts of a past generation to preserve our waterfront, thousands of Torontonians from far and wide continue to throng to our famous boardwalk. Please help us to continue to be responsible stewards. You can lend your support for appropriate development in the Greater Beach area by becoming a member for a very modest contribution of $10. For more information and details about joining, please email us at


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