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Vancouver to test better foods in parks

Street vendors could soon be giving Vancouver park concession operators a run for their money.

For my money, this is just what Toronto needs to do – Ed.

From yesterdays’ Vancouver Sun by By Kelly Sinoski

Vancouver park board officials will vote tonight on whether to approve a pilot project that would see food carts allowed in three high-traffic locations: the information booth in Stanley Park; the top of Queen Elizabeth Park in the Bloedel Conservatory/Seasons in The Park area and Vanier Park next to Burrard Marina. Continue reading


Interview; Mike Lydon and the Ideal Streetscape

While this isn’t a park-specific post it does speak widely to what is being done around the world to improve our experience of city streets.  It’s starts out mostly about bikes (Mike’s a cycling advocate), but soon progresses to shared experiences for all users – drivers included.  Narower streets, slower speeds, fewer signs, bike specific lanes, etc.  Lots of external links for further reading – Ed. Continue reading

Where is the happiest place in New York City?

Question: Where is the happiest place in New York City? | onehappybird.

Kind of an interesting article discussing how twitter tweets and GPS location information from cell phones can produce a scatter chart, pin pointing where the greatest quantity of “happy” tweets comes from.  Is it any surprise that the result is a park?

Edmonton’s First Natural Playground

EDMONTON – Children won’t find new monkey bars and bright plastic play structures at the upgraded Donnan Park.

Instead, the aging playground at 9105 80th Ave. will become Edmonton’s first “natural playground,” part of a growing trend in playground design.

Children in the redesigned Donnan Park will entertain themselves with such time-honoured playthings as rocks, sticks, sand and dirt. The overhauled space will feature a slide built into a hill, a sideways-growing tree, a boulder spiral, a hand pump to pour water into a small stream and plenty of plants, trees and greenery. Continue reading

One Washington DC Park Struggles with it’s Accessability

Image from DC Offic of Planning

This post originally appeared in  by Dan Malouff   •   March 14, 2012 1:12 pm

When DC’s new 11th Street Bridge opens, its old spans will become unnecessary transportation infrastructure. The DC Office of Planning is considering converting one of the old spans into a park, filled with recreation amenities such as rock climbing walls, zip lines, and skate parks. Continue reading

Hume: Toronto’s towers and life under the Gardiner

  Even as the city fills up with condos and their inhabitants, little thought has been given to what’s happening down below where glass meet grass.

   By Christopher Hume – Urban Issues, Architecture March 11, 2011 Continue reading

A greener environment leads to leaner health care costs

Forest at Mono Cliffs Prov. Park. Photo courtesy of Ed Horner

Beauty, shade, food, health, fresh air, habitat, soil protection … pick your reason for loving trees.

A greener environment leads to leaner health care costs

TORONTO, February 16, 2012 – Trees are economic assets to the province of Ontario. A healthy natural environment has a direct connection to health care costs, particularly where preventable diseases and conditions are concerned. Our surrounding environment has a significant impact not only on the air we breathe, but on the choice of activities and recreation available to us as members of our community. Continue reading