Good Parks Are Essential

Good Parks Are Essential 

From Pathway for Parks – A new Way forward for Toronto’s Parks

Far from being a luxury only for boom times, parks are the lifesblood of Toronto neighbourhoods.  Research shows that investment and good care of city parks has a range of positive returns:

  • Stronger communities – Parks are shared public space where we come together with our neighbours
  • Engaged newcomes – Parks are our backyards, a link to nature and a place where new Canadians can connect with each other and the wider community
  • Healthier communities – People who live in neighbourhoods that include parks have been found to have lower rates of obesity and diabetes
  • Economic development – Good parks raise property values, attract small businesses and draw tourists
  • Cleaner air and water – Toronto parks are home to much of the urban forest
  • Conversely, neglected parks can quickly become blights on neighbourhoods, attracting crime, lowering property value and driving away residents and businesses.

Some Key Numbers

  • 1,600 parks in Toronto
  • 84 sq km or 20,500 acres of parkaldn and natural spaces in Toronto
  • 13 perc cent of the city is occupied by parks and natural spaces
  • 1.2 million Toronto residents visit a park at least once a week
  • 365,000 visit a park every day
  • $6 billion in assets managed by Parks, Forestry and Recreation
  • $492 million PF&Rs 2011 budget (Capital $117 million plus operating $375 m)
  • $51 – per capita spending on parks in Toronto
  • $261 m repair backlog in parks and recreation facilities.

Learn more at Park People


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