Dieppe Park going to the dogs

I sat in my car this morning, on the south side of Cosburn Avenue, right beside the baseball diamond, and watched as five people took their dogs into the baseball diamond for an “off leash” run. Two of these owners/walkers didn’t pick up after their dogs. The signs posted on the gates of the diamond couldn’t be more clear, “No Dogs Allowed,” yet the diamond is still used as an off leash area.

Only last week, when the weather was a little warmer, I saw a group of young children (presumably from a local school) batting around a few balls in this very field where the dog owners had failed to clean up their dogs mess.

I’m drafting a letter to our local Councilor Mary Fragedakis and her office, asking her to enlist the help of the by-law enforcement officers responsible for Dieppe Park, to remind violators that, as posted, there is a $225 fine for failing to clean up after your dog.  She may have other suggestions.

While the sign has been defaced, the message is still clear – $225 fine for failing to pick up after your dog.

I can see that the vast majority of dog owners/walkers are responsible people, who do clean up after their pets.  It’s the handful of uncaring owners who leave the diamond in a mess.  It is this minority that needs to be reminded of their duties.

Is it time for Dieppe Park to ask that an “off leash” area for dogs be built? Maybe. I’m not a dog owner and I don’t know the level of need, but perhaps the dog owners and walkers might want to ask for one. One thing I am sure of, is that a baseball diamond is not a place for dog owners to let their dogs run free – and not pick up after them –Ed Horner


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