Centre for Green Cities takes PUG Awards

Last night I made it to the PUG Awards.  It’s an annual People Choice Award for Toronto architecture, completed in the previous year.  This year the Commercial Space winner was The Centre for Green Cities, Evergreen Brick Works.  Kudos to them and their team!  This is a beautiful building, constructed to high environmental standards, sensitive to the semi-natural and historic area in which it’s sited, uses lots of natural light and lots of recycled and reused materials.  Interesting to note that the awards were swept by Diamon Schmitt Architects.  They’ve been doing some great work in and around TO.

Architect  – Diamond Schmitt Architects
Developer – Evergreen
Landscape Architect  – du Toit Allsopp Hillier Architects Ltd.
General Contractor – Eastern Construction
About the Project

The Centre for Green Cities is Canada’s first heritage-designated building with a LEED Platinum target for sustainability and is the centrepiece of Evergreen Brick Works. Designed to preserve the original footprint, walls and features, including the large brick press and foreman’s shed, the CGC provides interpretative, community classroom and activity space and is the welcome centre for this 16-hectare repurposed industrial site in the Don Valley.

The scale of the five-storey building, which also houses Evergreen offices and other eco-conscious NGOs, is appropriate to its valley setting, nestled below the brim of the adjacent hill. Three red solar chimneystacks proclaim the high degree of environmental awareness inherent in its design. Subtle patterns inspired by nature are embossed in steel railings. A movable screen will be installed on the west façade to incorporate plantings, artwork and solar shades. The CGC is a unique blend of sustainable architecture, heritage preservation, remediated landscape and innovative programming and embodies Evergreen’s mission of integrating city, sustainability and nature.

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