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The Economic Secret of Vacant City Spaces

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Most of us feel attached to our neighborhoods, but can this emotional connection help fuel local economies? According to a multi-year study by Gallup and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the answer is yes: Communities with high levels of attachment actually have higher local GDP growth.

At a time when traditional ways of generating growth, such as tax incentives for new business, are no longer financially viable, this finding is important. Seeing the potential of engaged and attached residents, cities are looking for affordable ways to increase these feelings. Continue reading


Green Acres, that’s the place to be …

Urban parks

Green acres can make a city the place to be

Last July 5, 2007

I found this older article on the CBC website the other day and thought it worth sharing.  Older, sure, but still timely – Ed.

By Sabrina Saccoccio, CBC News

At one Toronto park, you can check your e-mail. Besides Wi-Fi throughout, there’s also regular dancing, Friday night suppers and you can bake bread in wood-fired ovens using techniques and recipes from a park website. Continue reading