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Park Friends Group Guidebook

Park Users Guide  With the help of the great people at Park People I found a very useful guide to help user groups start their own park user group!

Find a park that needs a park group advocate and get going!!  The City has proven to be very forthcoming with help and advice for organized user groups.

Learn how you can improve and activate your park! Whether you are starting a new Friends of the Park Group or hoping to improve an existing one, download the free, Park Friends Group Guidebook.


A Locavore Dreams …

Sarah Elton – The Globe and Mail – Published Saturday, Jul. 07 2012, 6:00 AM EDT

In downtown Kamloops, B.C., on a narrow patch of land near the hospital thrift shop and a tanning salon, there’s a vegetable garden. Its raised beds are planted with kale, peas and squash – a whole variety of produce, growing in the open, with no fences to keep out passersby.

Which is exactly the point. The garden is called the Public Produce Project and has an official open-picking policy: Anybody is invited to come in and harvest food for free. There are signs instructing people what to take, when and how. Continue reading

Daily Adopt-A-Tree Journal

Adopt-A-Tree Journal

Ed Horner

I’m an early riser and taking 45 minutes a day to look after a couple of newly planted trees in our park, two or three times a week,  is no burden in any way.  Typically I’ll fill my two 5 gallon water jugs, put them in the back of the car, take my Garden Claw and small garden spade, work gloves and a garbage bag and drive around the corner to Dieppe.  I turn the mulch, re-form it back into a donought shape, pull any weeds, and pour in the five gallons of water.  Ten minutes tops.  I then walk around the immediate area and pick up any trash people have left behind and deposit the bag in the litter containers provided by the City.  From leaving the house, filling the water jugs, doing the work and back home for a second coffee, 30 minutes – maybe 45 if I do 3 trees.  Below is a daily journal, updated as often as I think about it.  – Ed Continue reading

A million trees? Only if we can keep them around


A Million Trees? Only If We Can Keep Them Around

Toronto | 04/18/2012 8:00am | 0
Leda Marritz | Next American City

Trees are a huge asset to their communities, yet we frequently fail to plant them in viable conditions where they can grow to maturity. Credit: Edward Marritz


In February, the U.S. Forest Service published a report indicating that cities around the country are losing around 4 million trees per year. Of the 20 cities included in the study, 17 showed significant losses of canopy cover, and 16 showed significant increases in impervious hardscape (or paved surfaces that don’t absorb water). At the same time, cities like Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City and Philadelphia continue to announce “Million Tree” planting initiatives as part of citywide green infrastructure efforts. Continue reading

Orchard Event – Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard

Orchard Event – Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard.

Growing food in parks is gaining traction.  You might want to check out the Ben Nobleman Orchard website and see if this event is for you.

Evergreen Blog | Why do you dig in for the environment?


Evergreen Blog | Why do you dig in for the environment?.

How to Start a Community Garden


Here’s a “how to” video, produced by Living Green Toronto, explaining how to start a community garden in your neighbourhood.  Full of practical tips and insights.

Less than five minutes to view.