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If children lose contact with nature they won’t fight for it

Daniel Pudles 2011With half of their time spent at screens, the next generation will be poorly equipped to defend the natural world from harm


Fairness in park funding called into question in NYC

Billionair John Paulson

Paulson’s $100 Million Park Gift Raises Fairness Question

Bloomberg By Henry Goldman and Martin Z. Braun – Oct 26, 2012

Billionaire John Paulson’s $100 million donation to New York’s Central Park Conservancy threw into relief inequities between parks frequented by the wealthy and those in less affluent neighborhoods.

Paulson said the gift, announced Oct. 23, would enhance the city’s most democratic institution, enjoyed by 40 million visitors a year. The founder of Paulson & Co., a New York-based hedge fund, said he played in the park as a child. Now, at 56, he enjoys a treetop view of its expanse from his residence on Fifth Avenue. Continue reading