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Climate Change Threatens U.S. National Parks

firefighting“Ongoing climate change will likely affect visitor experience in many of our national parks as well as how we manage our resources,” Monahan said. “We might be experiencing unusually high temperatures, such as heat waves, during summer months when we tend to have peak visitation at our parks. Continue reading


Toronto’s interest in parks signals an urban maturity

Christopher Hume, Toronto Star

Christopher Hume, Toronto Star

By: Urban Issues, Published on Wed Feb 27 2013

Green space or greenbacks, people never have enough. And nowhere more so than in Toronto, where suddenly parks are on everyone’s mind, if not under their feet. Continue reading

Hantz Woodlands a New Vision or City Sellout?

Hantz WoodlandsMore than a mere land sale, the Detroit City Council’s 5-4 vote Tuesday to sell about 1,500 lots to the Hantz Woodlands project keeps alive the idea that Detroit will serve as a worldwide center of urban innovation for postindustrial cities. Continue reading

A million trees? Only if we can keep them around


A Million Trees? Only If We Can Keep Them Around

Toronto | 04/18/2012 8:00am | 0
Leda Marritz | Next American City

Trees are a huge asset to their communities, yet we frequently fail to plant them in viable conditions where they can grow to maturity. Credit: Edward Marritz


In February, the U.S. Forest Service published a report indicating that cities around the country are losing around 4 million trees per year. Of the 20 cities included in the study, 17 showed significant losses of canopy cover, and 16 showed significant increases in impervious hardscape (or paved surfaces that don’t absorb water). At the same time, cities like Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City and Philadelphia continue to announce “Million Tree” planting initiatives as part of citywide green infrastructure efforts. Continue reading

Good Parks Are Essential

Good Parks Are Essential 

From Pathway for Parks – A new Way forward for Toronto’s Parks

Far from being a luxury only for boom times, parks are the lifesblood of Toronto neighbourhoods.  Research shows that investment and good care of city parks has a range of positive returns: Continue reading

City-Wide Parks Plan Overview

In 2010, City Council approved the development of a City-wide Parks Plan based on seven guiding principles: parks and trails as city infrastructure, equitable access for all residents, supporting a diversity of uses, nature in the city, environmental stewardship, place making and community engagement. The Parks Plan will guide acquisition, development, management and operation of the system of public parkland in the City of Toronto over a five-year period. Continue reading

Harrison Estate Park Ready to Get New Trail-Way

Susan Dimitrakopoulos - See Below

For years residents and users of the Waterfront Trail have crossed the old Harrison Estate as they make their way between Springbank Road and Lakehurst Crescent along the top of the Scarborough Bluffs, or walk their dogs, enjoy the view and generally revel is the parks very existence.  Recently, the 200m long dirt and bark mulch trail has been showing signs of overuse; tree roots are being exposed, soil is becoming compacted and the trail has been widening as users looks for ways around large areas of pooling.

Last night, at the Birchmount Community Centre about thirty residents and a few other interested parties showed up to hear from the City, Continue reading