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Ice Rink Construction Continues

Taken a few days ago, you can clearly see the shape of the pleasure rink with it’s rounded triangular surface with an island in the middle.  On the east side of the fieldhouse, you can now see progress on the portico as the steel beams go up.


Centre for Green Cities takes PUG Awards

Last night I made it to the PUG Awards.  It’s an annual People Choice Award for Toronto architecture, completed in the previous year.  This year the Commercial Space winner was The Centre for Green Cities, Evergreen Brick Works.  Kudos to them and their team!  This is a beautiful building, constructed to high environmental standards, sensitive to the semi-natural and historic area in which it’s sited, uses lots of natural light and lots of recycled and reused materials.  Interesting to note that the awards were swept by Diamon Schmitt Architects.  They’ve been doing some great work in and around TO. Continue reading

Hume: Toronto’s towers and life under the Gardiner

  Even as the city fills up with condos and their inhabitants, little thought has been given to what’s happening down below where glass meet grass.

   By Christopher Hume – Urban Issues, Architecture March 11, 2011 Continue reading