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How Urban Parks Enhance Your Brain

There has never been any doubt in my mind that a close, or even a passing, encounter with the natural world on a regular and frequent basis, is restorative to mental and physical health.  This week in The Atlantic Cities, Eric Jaffe summarizes a few studies that prove the point  – Ed.
From The Atlantic Cities this week – Eric Jaffe  Jul 16, 2012

A couple weeks ago the folks at Cracked told readers that “living in a city makes you dumber.” There are a number of flaws here — beyond the obvious one of getting your science news from Cracked — but the research at the center of the claim has some relevance to cities worth considering nonetheless. What it tells us is not so much a story about the hazards of city living as it is about the benefits of city parks. Continue reading


Can trees actually deter crime?

This week the Atlantic Cities website published an interesting article linking forest canopy in urban centres to reduced crime …All told …[they] conclude that “a 10% increase in tree canopy was associated with a roughly 12% decrease in crime.” Continue reading