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Toronto failing to act on alarming climate change predictions

Click to read Environment Canada’s view on climate change

November 11, 2011  – Toronto Star — Tess Kalinowski

The summer of 2012 was a hot one, preceded by a barely-existent winter. But in 30 years, Torontonians will look back on this as a relatively chilly year, compared with the temperatures being forecast in a dire report from the Toronto Environment Office.

The study predicts triple the number of above-30C days from about 22 on average annually to 66. It forecasts five times as many heat waves in the average summer and it warns that the days when the humidex hits 40C or higher will increase from nine a year to 39 on average. Continue reading


Do we have a right to play tennis for free?

Found this in the Star a couple of days ago.  One neighbourhood is up in arms over a proposal to turn public tennis courts into a private club.
Emily Jackson   Staff Reporter


 Cedarvale Park’s freshly renovated tennis courts havespurred a showdown the city hasn’t seen since well before amalgamation in the late 1990s. At stake: Do Torontonians have the right to play tennis for free? Continue reading

Sizing up Rob Ford’s land grab

Parks head Richard Ubbens says it wasn’t his idea to lease parkland to the mayor. So who at City Hall came up with it? Photo by Enzo di Matteo

If you ever thought parkland in and around Toronto was in some way “protected” or “sacrosanct” you are about to be taught a lesson – Rob Ford style.
This is a fascinating read into how things go down at City Hall when nobody is looking.
Sizing up Rob Ford’s land grab
By Enzo Di Matteo Continue reading

Casinos or Children?

Yesterday from the Toronto Star
By Stephen Bede Scharper   Star Columnist

I remember the subway ads for Ontario Place in 1978 during my first visit to Toronto. They depicted happy families slipping down waterslides, gamboling on grassy knolls framed by groovy geodesic domes that appeared to float atop Lake Ontario. Continue reading

Hume: Toronto’s towers and life under the Gardiner

  Even as the city fills up with condos and their inhabitants, little thought has been given to what’s happening down below where glass meet grass.

   By Christopher Hume – Urban Issues, Architecture March 11, 2011 Continue reading

Hopes are high for a Grange Park Café

“We know the AGO café in the basement hasn’t been a success and they would like to build a new one overlooking the [Grange] park,” Ramkhalawansingh says. “Of course there would have to be a lot of consideration about zoning and impact on the park, but I think it could be acceptable if it’s a glass pavilion rather than a heavy building.”

“I think it would make a lot of sense to have a café somewhere around the park where people could enjoy the natural beauty,” says Teitelbaum.

By Martin Knelman Entertainment Columnis, Toronto StarContinue reading

Can Parks Co-exists with Casinos?

The Ontario Place property in particular begs for more parks and green space, biking and hiking trails and access to the water for sailing, boating, kayaking. Green space, natural amenities and other esthetic qualities are the main factors that make people satisfied and happy with their communities, according to recent research. Continue reading