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Building Climate Change Resilient Parks

Tree Damage at Withrow Park

Withdraw (above) and Dieppe Park both sustained heavy damage to trees during and after the ice storm two years ago.

In the face of rapid, man-made climate change, Toronto’s parks are facing some major challenges.  This is especially true around soil erosion, soil compaction, changing bio-diversity and most importantly, tree canopies.

As many of you know, I’m a student of AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) and I’ve just finished a little course sponsored by the World Bank Group.  You might be interested in one of my video artifacts – dealing specifically with Toronto Parks.  It speaks directly to the challenges and ways to overcome those challenges as we drift towards the year 2050.  I hope you’re inspired – at least a little ~ Ed.


A greener environment leads to leaner health care costs

Forest at Mono Cliffs Prov. Park. Photo courtesy of Ed Horner

Beauty, shade, food, health, fresh air, habitat, soil protection … pick your reason for loving trees.

A greener environment leads to leaner health care costs

TORONTO, February 16, 2012 – Trees are economic assets to the province of Ontario. A healthy natural environment has a direct connection to health care costs, particularly where preventable diseases and conditions are concerned. Our surrounding environment has a significant impact not only on the air we breathe, but on the choice of activities and recreation available to us as members of our community. Continue reading

As NYC Plants Trees, Benefits—and Some Burdens—Grow

Here’s an article lifted from the City Limits website that outlines some of the benefits and challenges around handling the New York City urban forest.  Many of the lessons learned in NYC can be applied to Toronto – Ed


The city’s MillionTrees program fights asthma and global warming. But tightening maintenance budgets, increasingly severe weather and decades-old planting decisions complicate trees’ contribution.

Paul Bufano and An Phung
Adi Talwar/City Limits Continue reading