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Climate Change and Toronto Trees

Susan Dimitrakopoulos

According to the 2012 city commissioned report on Climate Change by 2050, (Toronto’s Future Weather & Climate Driver Study: Outcomes Report) Toronto is in for, hotter summers, milder winters and more frequent severe weather – in a nutshell.

On the face of it, that doesn’t sound too bad, but it’s going to effect the tree canopy that we’ve all grown to love and cherish.  Climate Change is going to be tough on our trees. Continue reading


‘Healthy Dose of Green: A green prescription for a healthy population.”

Breathing for us

February 10, 2012 Mark Cullen

Trees are the lungs of the earth — inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen.

The health of our own lungs may in fact be more interconnected with surrounding trees than we may think, according to Trees Ontario (, the largest tree planting partnership in North America. Continue reading