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Streets to Parks in Vancouver

Photograph by: Les Bazso , Vancouver Sun

It is, undoubtedly, a modest proposal.

But the fact the city is giving serious consideration to a plan to convert short segments of two city streets in Marpole into public green space is being welcomed by residents who say their community has long been “park deficient” compared to its population. Now, with several high-density housing projects either underway or on the books for the neighbourhood, residents say the need for more park space has never been greater. Continue reading


Vancouver to test better foods in parks

Street vendors could soon be giving Vancouver park concession operators a run for their money.

For my money, this is just what Toronto needs to do – Ed.

From yesterdays’ Vancouver Sun by By Kelly Sinoski

Vancouver park board officials will vote tonight on whether to approve a pilot project that would see food carts allowed in three high-traffic locations: the information booth in Stanley Park; the top of Queen Elizabeth Park in the Bloedel Conservatory/Seasons in The Park area and Vanier Park next to Burrard Marina. Continue reading